Our Story

Est. 2020

For those of you who like stories, here’s ours. I, Aldo, moved here from the Dominican Republic with a background in graphic design and sales. When it came time to look for a job I would love, my wife Megan, born and raised here in RI, thought since I love animals and have an artistic eye, I should try grooming. It turns out she was right and here we are! In addition to being a full time teacher, Megan also works with me in a customer service and administrative role.

Now, what is a chibi? Just as here in the United States, one may say, “Kitty Kitty”
when calling after a cat one doesn’t know the name of, it is common in the Dominican
Republic to say, “Chibi Chibi” when calling after a dog one doesn’t know the name
of. So, there you have it!

We look forward to learning each of your names!

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